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Flooring Installation

Why Laminate Floorings?

1- Affordable.

2- Comfortable on the feet.

3- Realistic wood appearance.

4- Strong and durable.

Why Vinyl Floorings?

1- Durable and lasts for decades.

2- Made of 100% waterproof materials.

3- Easy to clean and maintain.

4- Variety of styles and patterns.

Carpet Supply and Installation

How to choose the best carpet?

1- Resists the most difficult pet stains

2- Has Great durability.

3- Easily releases pet hair while vacuuming.

4- Good fiber softness.


Cracked or fading paint is a sign of a poor paint job & unprofessional painters. We at NARK Renovations trust our team, so we provide our clients with a one-year warranty on our painting service.

Plumbing Work

How to choose the best plumbing contractor?

1- Ask for qualifications and licenses.

2- Match your needs with their skills.

3- Ask for warranties and repairs.

4- Compare estimates.